Friday, November 19, 2010

Petra's Birthday

First, allow me to thank all of you for the kind and generous birthday wishes!
(And apologize for taking so long afterward to thank you for them *Embarrassed blush*)

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to Zilvy and our friends in town (not to mention Carol-Ann's delicious cake! :D )
Also as you can see Drake gave both of us the beautiful gift of his art and good wishes in the form of what MY birthday wish would be..! *Giggling and winking* ;)

And in case you're wondering, I eventually blew out all my candles.. My wish came true too! *Giggling playfully* :D ;)

Nothing like a little hot waxing..! *Giggling* ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zilvara & Petra: MARRIED! :D

After 13 years of being together...
On our anniversary...

Zilvy & I got married today at 3:00pm Eastern time!!

It was a small ceremony held at our apartment with 9 guests attending (Family & close friends)
(An even 10 if you count the minister ;) )
This takes care of the legalities of getting married, so we can have our Wiccan handfasting ceremony around May 24th outdoors at Zilvy's mom's place (My new mother-in-law.. I love saying that! :D )
(Zilvy: Nope! Not mother-in-law... Second MOM!)

This later ceremony will be held at our reception where we'll be renewing our vows in front of the rest of our family and friends who couldn't make it today due to the short notice for the wedding.

We had originally planned to have the wedding outside here, but rain  and large amounts of wind changed our plans to an indoor ceremony; ironically it stopped raining after the ceremony... (I'm trying to decide if that's the heavens smiling on us, or an ironic quirk of timing *wry smile*)

But it was a good day to marry the woman you love more than anything in the world, in a country that has legal same-sex marriage. *Bright smile*

And finally, Drake was nice enough to make these two pictures as a wedding gift to Zilvy & me.. Aren't they lovely? Blue and purple latex wedding dresses.. Mmmm..! :D
(And don't Zilvy & I look beautiful in marble and gold..? Fitting for a wedding eh? *Giggling happily and beaming to Drake* ;) )

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zilvara & Petra Getting Married!


This is to inform you of the marriage of Zilvara & Petra DeJewels taking place on October 20th at 3:00pm Eastern time.
(And as this is taking place on our 13th anniversary it’s about bloody time!)  

Mostly this will help my Canadian immigration, otherwise we'd have waited till warmer weather, but it is nice that it's happening on the 13th anniversary of our first meeting.. *Blushing with a warm smile*

And since this is short notice, we're planning a larger reception the week of May 24th where more of our family and friends can attend.

*Huggles from Z & P to All!* :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Home!


I'm home!
Land of maple syrup, Drake and most importantly: Zilvara! :D

I should have made this entry yesterday, but after a long trip, I thought I'd wait until Zilvy let me borrow her computer.. ;)
(Oops! I was just reminded this is OUR computer..! *Giggling happily* :) )

Already met Willow the day I landed, will be meeting Anya and Aura tomorrow (who've already gone through the citizenship/marriage/immigration thing Zilvy & I will be going through...)

This weekend I'm being taken to meet the entire DeJewels clan... (Should I be afraid?  I've been warned to be so... ;) )

Another of Zilvy's friends I've already met on my last visit is helping Zilvy with my "Secret Canadian Initiation" but they're having trouble finding the goat... *Blinking and looking nervous* ;)

Well, I'd better wrap this entry up as  Zilvy's calling me.. *Bright smile*

After so many years, I almost can't believe I'm home at last... *Warm smile*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Petra's Moving to Canada (Finally!)

Okies, I'm sure most of you already know my sweetie Zilvara is Canadian, while I'm (currently) American.

After being together for 13 years online and one visit North 3 years ago I'm finally moving to Canada for good. *Very relieved* :)
This works out as part of the plan we made three years ago, with only a slight delay.. ;)

Now part of being a couple is actually being in the same room together.. *Playful smile*

Also Canada has something the States can't really offer me: the chance to legally marry Zilvy! *Bright, proud smile while doing a happy dance*

I can honestly say it's been a long, hard road to get here, and once across the border I'll start the process towards Canadian citizenship (Getting married to a citizen doesn't hurt either ;) )

Anyway my flight is August 14, and I'm going to be out of touch for at least a week before that, and probably a little longer after as I wait for my computer to arrive (But I'm sure Zilvy will let me borrow hers now and then *Playful smile* )

Some of you who remember my blog on Yahoo a few years ago may recognize the above pics Drake was kind enough to do when I was desperately trying to get my passport in time for my trip; I thought this was a perfect time to recycle those wonderful images... *Giggling*

As some of you may also remember from my blog three years ago, I had a few difficulties going through the Toronto airport.. *Embarrassed blush*
I still maintain it's very easy to walk completely OUT of the airport and into the parking lot while trying to go from one gate to another to make a connecting flight in that airport (Especially if you don't have a sense of direction ;) )

Which is why this time I've taken the liberty of printing up a "cheat sheet" of directions for getting to a connecting flight! *Giggling and waving my map proudly* :D

And before you ask: I have my passport, and just in case I also have a bill of lading for shipping a certain petrified hardbody statue across the border.. *Giggling and winking* ;)
(But how much do you think customs would charge Zilvy for taking shipment for such a fine marble Amazon artwork? *Wickedly playful smirk* ;) )

As a side note: Zilvara is currently accepting donations to defray customs charges for the aforementioned marble Amazon. *Playful smile* ;)

Canada FTW!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Medusariffic issue 53! (The Gorgon War)

The Gorgon War

Drake starts a new story arc when Flannery discovers an unusual statue in the museum...

Natasha returns and brings Eurayle and her sisters along it appears...

Whatever's in store for us all certainly has Flannery upset... I'm not worried though, I'm sure Zilvy & I have dealt with gorgons sometime in the last few thousand years and we've probably got something for this situation in the basement..! *Giggling and winking* ;)

I'm quite looking forward to how this story plays out, and enjoying Drake's fantastic art and storytelling skills..! *Bright smile*
(Not to mention I'm quite taken with how Natasha keeps turning back into a statue... Rather makes me think of Galatea from CMQ's FemFantastique stories... *Blushing*)

And last but certainly not least, I absolutely loved the covers with Asudem trapped inside the glass tube by Dee..!
Dialog: Priceless! *Laughing happily* :D

I admit this is a rather short blog entry for the start of a story arc that I'm quite enjoying, but at least I'm not putting "Blog in Progress" at the end of this entry for a change.. *Wry smile*


Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Zilvy! :)

Happy Birthday Zilvy!
*Throwing confetti into the air as we all surprise you*

We hope you like your gift... We all chipped in for it and Drake picked it out, just remember not to peek... Oh, you already did.. *Giggling*